Texts of Lectures and Articles

All texts in this section are lectures or talks delivered at EFTS events, or articles published in theosophical magazines. All texts are in alphabetical order. The name of the event where the lecture was delivered or publication in which text published is given under “Remarks”. To view and/or download a text in pdf, click a flag.

AuthorTitleRemarksText file(s)
Boyd, TimThe Illuminated MindEuropean Congress 2014
Carbonell, ElviraBridging Science and Spirituality through ConsciousnessEuropean Congress 2014
Detela, AndrejSilent Message of NatureEuropean Congress 2014
Detela, AndrejSyntropic Perception of TimeEuropean Congress 2014
Figueira, Maria JoãoBridging Science and Spirituality – A Personal VoyageEuropean Congress 2014
Girardi, AntonioA Bridge between Science and Spirituality: Theosophy as Unifying Element of the KnowledgeEuropean Congress 2014
Leys, WimThe Place of Modern Science in the Evolution of Mankind,
a Theosophical view
European Congress 2014
Mahnich, JacquesScience’s Contribution to SpiritualityEuropean Congress 2014
Mohrhoff, UlrichQuantum Physics: a Tale of Two World ViewsEuropean Congress 2014
Mohrhoff, UlrichEvolution of Consciousness: An Indian PerspectiveEuropean Congress 2014
Price, ColinScience - Our Best AllyEuropean Congress 2014
Pursi, TarjaThe Universal Laws of Nature and Spiritual UnfoldingEuropean Congress 2014
Pécastaing-Boissière, MurielAnnie Besant: “The Seer and the Scientist have met”European Congress 2014
Ricci, GracielaThe Systemic Point of View: Trait d’Union between Art, Science and SpiritualityEuropean Congress 2014
Rijneker, ElsBridging Science and SpiritualityEuropean Congress 2014
Trân, Kim-DiêuBridging Science and Spirituality with PhilosophyEuropean Congress 2014
Van Osta, SabineBridging Science and Spirituality – Signs of our TimeEuropean Congress 2014
Venegas Bernal, NildaWhat Science has contributed to Spirituality. The Mind at PresentEuropean Congress 2014