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The Purpose of EFTS’ Existence

EFTS publishes and supports publishing of books. It also furthers different philanthropic and social activities.

The Federation holds Council and Executive Committee meetings. For sharing information, the Chair of the Council publishes regularly the Chairman's Newsletter.

The Theosophical Society in Europe – Federation of National Societies (aka European Federation of the Theosophical Society – EFTS) binds together autonomous National Societies in Europe with the purpose of stimulating co-operation. It supports the work of member Societies and organises events to encourage a deeper understanding of life with a sense of unity.

In addition to being involved in member countries, EFTS is entitled to arrange meetings in any country in Europe to initiate or to enhance its work.


As part of its parent organisation, the European Federation of the Theosophical Society is aiming at promoting the Three Objects of the Theosophical Society. The EFTS is sharing understanding which is indispensable for both peace in the world and peace of mind, as this leads to the discovery …

of the significance of life.

The European Federation has now existed …


At the Annual Convention of the British Section in July 1903 in London, the work of inaugurating a Federation of European Sections was started under the chairmanship of Colonel Henry S. Olcott. The second International Congress of European Sections followed in Amsterdam in 1904, under the chairmanship …

of Dr Annie Besant. Colonel Olcott noted with satisfaction the tendency to create Federations ...


The EFTS organises events of various nature to answer the spiritual needs of the human community.

Seminars and summer schools are there to develop the capacity of the mind for reasoning that is necessary for understanding hidden laws of Nature…

Silent retreats gather participants who are willing to acquaint themselves with concentration and to learn fundamentals of meditation …

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The Theosophical Society in Europe - Federation of National Societies is part of the International Theosophical Society with the Headquarters at Adyar, Chennai, India.

Basic fields of operation

39th European Congress

2 to 7 August 2021 – York, England

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EFTS organises or helps to organise various events: