Introducing Ourselves

The Theosophical Society in Europe - Federation of National Societies is part of the International Theosophical Society with the Headquarters at Adyar, Chennai, India.

The Federation of The Theosophical Societies of Europe (also The European Federation of The Theosophical Society – EFTS) was founded in 1903 in London and it is composed of National Societies and Regional Associations in Europe. It is a co-ordinating and a consultative, not a legislative body and is non profit-making.

Each duly constituted National Society or Regional Association in Europe may apply for membership of EFTS. The official language of the Federation is English, but other languages may be used, subject to translation.

The two main bodies of the Federation are the Council and the Executive Committee of the Council. The Council conducts the business of the Federation. The Executive Committee carries out the decisions of the Council and it is also the consultative organ of the Chairman. The Chairman, who has charge of the practical direction and organization of the Federation, also represents the Federation officially in its dealings with third parties.

The Federation can, at the suggestion of the Executive Committee, and in co-operation with the National Societies etc. concerned, set up Regional Committees on a linguistic or geographical basis.