As part of its parent organisation, the European Federation of the Theosophical Society is aiming at promoting the Three Objects of the Theosophical Society. The EFTS is sharing understanding which is indispensable for both peace in the world and peace of mind, as this leads to the discovery of the significance of life.

The European Federation has now existed for more than one hundred years. The last century was marked by two devastating world wars and by cruel dictatorships, ending in a materialistic and selfish philosophy. This made and still makes it difficult to propagate Theosophy in some parts of Europe.

Perhaps the European Federation as a vehicle of Theosophy has contributed to mitigating not so much the physical suffering as its effect on the consciousness of the sufferers and of those inflicting suffering. It may even have attacked the root cause of suffering by bringing together people from the diversity of countries, languages, and ways of thinking towards a certain perception of the reality of the Oneness of Life.

The EFTS is encouraging and extending the work of the Theosophical Society throughout Europe. Principal means for this have always included organising theosophical events and publishing books in different languages. Through such channels the Federation is enhancing the work of the member countries. In addition to this, the EFTS is aiming at initialising theosophical activity in areas in which the Society is not yet present, if there are people who express a genuine interest for theosophy.

The EFTS is strengthening bonds between its member countries and it is encouraging co-operation among them. It has helped and is helping to create a strong community, in which borders between varied customs and ways of thinking are hopefully transcended. Thus it is furthering understanding and kindness in a common perception of the deeper significance of things and spreading the theosophical view that the heart of all is peace, happiness and love, but that it is up to each person to manifest that heart of things in one's attitude and actions.

Human consciousness has grown into increased realizations of the inner truth of things. Those realizations – supported by the discoveries of avant garde science in the 20th and 21st centuries – are still continuing, and cannot but ultimately benefit humanity and all life.

Our conviction is that understanding is indispensable for peace in the world, peace of mind which leads to the discovery of the significance of life. Therefore, our work is to promote sharing of understanding and a right way of living through harmonious relationships based on mutual consideration, fairness which are just the flowering of brotherhood in pract