Publications of the C.N.A.

During the first visits to Eastern Europe by the then Chairman of EFTS, Curt Berg, and the then Vice-Chairman, Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu, the need for basic theosophical literature was strongly felt. In 1991, a special committee was settled with the aim of giving help to publish basic theosophical literature in European local languages: the Committee for help to Eastern European Countries (C.E.E.C) was born.  Later on the Committee extended its help to new areas and changed its name into Committee for help to New Areas (C.N.A.). Its help is now destined to new areas where theosophical literature is not yet known or is insufficiently known.

The complete list of publications supported by C.N.A.

YearTitleAuthorLanguageNumber of Copies
1991KarmaAnnie BesantHungarian1000
1992The Voice of the SilenceH. P. BlavatskyHungarian1000
 The Voice of the SilenceH. P. BlavatskySlovenian1000
 Two Books of Stanzas of DzyanH. P. BlavatskySlovenian1000
 An Outline of TheosophyC. W. LeadbeaterRussian1000
 At the Feet of the MasterAlcyone (Krishnamurti)Russian5000
 The Ancient WisdomAnnie BesantRussian1000
1993At the Feet of the MasterAlcyone (Krishnamurti)Hungarian1000
 The Ancient WisdomAnnie BesantHungarian500
 Human RegenerationRadha BurnierRussian5000
1995An Introduction to TheosophyDanielle AudoinRussian5000
 Foundation of Esoteric PhilosophyIanthe HoskinsRussian5000
 Human Regeneration – study papersRadha BurnierRussian5000
1996Practical OccultismH. P. BlavatskyEstonian2000
1997At the Feet of the MasterAlcyone (Krishnamurti)Estonian500
1998The Technique of the Spiritual LifeClara CoddEstonian1500
2002The Buddhist Catechism (contribution)H. S. OlcottEstonian1000
2004The Voice of the SilenceH. P. BlavatskyEstonian1000
 The Philosophy of the Bhagavad-GitaT. Subba RowEstonian1000
2005Yama and NiyamaS. S. VarmaCroatian1000
 At the Feet of the Master

Printing: NEPF Adyar  

Financing: CEEC

Alcyone (Krishnamurti)Chinese5000
2008At the Feet of the MasterAlcyone (Krishnamurti)Croatian1000
2012The Key to Theosophy


H. P. BlavatskyEstonian500
 The Secret Doctrine. Vol. I.I


H. P. BlavatskyEstonian500
ProjectsLight on the PathMabel CollinsChinese